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remove catalytic converter?

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Default remove catalytic converter?

does it need the cat converter to run?

i was told it won;t start with it disconnected

is that true?

mine is plugged

can i get a straight pipe replacement?
[assume emissions are not an issue]

can i punch through the clog somehow and put the old one back?

how easy is that?

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no it doesnt need a cat to run

yes you can run a straight/test pipe

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i dont have a cat on my tahoe. makes it sound better and gives a few hp because of less exhaust restriction. good luck passing inspection though
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you can take a long screwdriver or anything really and gut out your cat.....may make the car backfire and sound real raspy tho
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Old 06-26-2009, 07:58 PM   #5
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You can take it off and relace it with a test pipe. You can unclog it by smashing everything inside of it. But, it's stupid as you only get 1-3hp and will fail emissions when you goto it.

Unless its cause a problem, like mine would rattle cause of the crap that broke off inside of it, then yeah, break it up and pour it out. Otherwise, why bother?
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You can run without a cat converter. I would do like other said. If it's clog just take a long screwdriver and knock the remains out.
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or you can just buy a new cat or a racing cat
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i had a muffler shop just cut mine out and put a pipe in its place... sounds good, runs fine:
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