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Crankshaft Position Sensor Problems... Please Help!

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Question Crankshaft Position Sensor Problems... Please Help!

Hey guys. quick background on my 05' 1.7l SOHC vtec 7th gen civic....

I blew a headgasket and had that fixed. the valve cover gasket was screwed when they fixed the head gasket and I was pouring oil over the engine for a couple weeks. Well, it's fixed now but the battery died or went bad so I replaced it. Drove it from tennessee to michigan it drove great. Next morning it turned over way too long before starting.

After that I drove it a mile and it was having trouble shifting... it would jerk like the transmission was struggling and the check engine light was on. I pulled over and shut it off. I immediately turned it back on and it ran perfectly. the check engine light was for the crankshaft position sensor. Two errors: One said a malfunction of the sensor, the other said "intermittent".

I drove it back down to tennessee just fine. EVERY time it sits for a few hours, I have to drive it for like a minute and shut it off and turn it back on before it will work perfectly.

I don't know much about these things but is it possible a fuse is blown or a battery is dead that is keeping the CPS's memory of the car? and every time it sits it goes dead and has to relearn by me driving it for a mile?

Please help me...

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Start by inspecting the 3P CKP sensor connector for oil contamination and corrosion.
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Default further investigation reveals

I haven't been in to have that checked yet but... it's been further annoying.

recently, it's been giving me further problems. It died the other day... while I was driving it. A lot of idling and slow driving (probably 15 minutes worth) and the electrical system just started dying. radio went off, then air, then the instrument panel started freaking out. Like the battery went dead or the alternator stopped working. After I started driving fast I got the power back and I haven't had that problem since. It's weird...

Also, I stalled it out again. It's been drinking gas like crazy. ANY ideas?
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