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Can a D16Y7 transmission work on a D16Y8 engine?

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Default Can a D16Y7 transmission work on a D16Y8 engine?

I am considering buying a D16Y8 but it comes with an auto tranny. I don't think the auto ECU works on the manual engine, and I could be wrong. But am I able to use the manual D16Y7 transmission on the new D16Y8 engine if I can get the right ECU? Thanks.
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What Civic?

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Yes, but you'll need way more than just a transmission and an ECU for an auto to manual conversion. You actually can use an auto ECU with a 5 speed... I left my stock auto ECU in my car after we did my conversion for about a month... wasn't too much different other than my auto cluster was flashing P and D at the same time...

For a complete list of parts you'll need to convert to 5 speed, check THIS
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I'm running a y8 tranny on my y7 motor, bolts right up.
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Default My current car is already manual

Hey, my current EX Hatchback is manual, but I am buying a D16Y8 from another civic but its an automatic. So you`re saying that the D-series transmission will bolt right up and the ECU doesn`t matter whether it`s 5 spd or auto?
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