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Car Has No Electrical Power

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Default Car Has No Electrical Power

Hi Guys,

Car is a 1998 Civic EX 5 Speed, D16Y8. We just completed replacing the clutch on the car, but we replace cv shafts, slave, and thats about it. As we are about to fire it up, all is good. Right as we start it, We hear a click, and the power goes out. Lights dont work, nothing works inside. We've tried charging the battery, looking overthrew at everything, but we cant figure it out. NONE of the fuses work under the dash, but they all work under the hood. Any suggestions, or what could be wrong?
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alternator...check that first...also your battery could be fried and not holding a charge.. could be bad connection and or loose connections..i would start with those.
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Clean and tighten the battery connectors and the battery ground wire attached to the chassis.
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-Manuals: site 1 and site 2; -Spark; -Fuses; -Pull 92-00 CEL codes; -Fuse 15 TSB; -Clean IACV or FITV
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