View Full Version : electronical system break down

06-16-2007, 09:43 AM
you may have read this in the oher thread but this is the whole thing, i need help here, my em2 is acting up, I'll give you a play by play.

my entire electrical system turned off on me after i hit a small bump pulling out of a gas station, i drove the car home, ( no power to my guages or radio, and anything else i didn;t notice) then i turn the car off, when i tried to turn it on the starter got stuck, so i bang on the starter for a litle bit and i try to turn the car over, well it was VARY hasentant but it turned over, and still non of the electronical system did not work, i rev my engine to its max and the dash board and radio flickered, and finally stayed on, and when i turn the car off, on try to turn it back on once agin not working, well finally i got the radio and stuff to stay on by shacking my motor by reving it, dose anyone know what this could caused by or if anyone had teh same problem???????????

06-16-2007, 09:53 AM
i would say you have a short or loose wire check your fuses and i wouldnt keep running the car like that if you do have a major short you could start an electrical fire see if any fuses are bad and if not your going to have to check over all of your wiring