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02-13-2009, 02:26 PM
Hey everyone.. I am new here and just had my car stolen ... was a '01 Integra Gsr ... sucks huh ?
Well onto a new life I purchased a 2000 Ej6 and another one ('97 ej6) that is just the shell and interior.
The guy had just got done building the motor and car and he went out one night and a old lady hit it... totaled from frame damage...

Here is the list of mods ON the '00

-Short ram intake (AEM)
-Skunk2 adjustable cam gear (silver)
-Gude Racing D16z6 Cylinder Head and Cam
-ARP d16 head studs
-Golden Eagle block guard
-Megan Racing Drift spec catback exhaust
-Skunk2 Pro Series Intake manifold (matched bore)
-Hondata intake manifold gasket
-P28 ecu
-Hondata s200 engine management unit
-Custom 63mm bore throttle body
-CP pistons Eagle connecting Rods


-Progress front camber kit (ball joint)
-Megan Racing rear adj. toe control arm
-SPC rear camber kit

-Megan Racing front strut bar
-Honda Civic Del Sol vtec front strut bar
-1999 Honda Civic Ex front lower control arms
-1999 Honda Civic Ex 22mm front sway bar
-JDM Acura Integra Type R 23mm rear sway bar
-Tokico Illumina struts
-Eibach Sportline lowering springs
-Custom rear trunk brace
-2000 Civic SI rear sway bar end links
-Beaks Products rear lower subframe brace
-Energy Suspension polyurethane 23mm
rear sway bar bushing and bracket
-Energy Suspension trailing arm bushing set
-Energy Suspension motor mount inserts
-Energy Suspension polyurethane 22mm
front sway bar bushing and bracket
-Megan Racing front H-brace (red)

-1999 Honda Civic Ex coupe front Brake Conversion (knuckle, hub, spindle)
-1995 Acura Integra gsr rear disk brake conversion
-Russel 98-00 Civic SI steel braided brake lines

-1999 Civic Ex transmission
-Act Xtreme Pressure plate
-Act 6-puck clutch
-Act Pro-lite flywheel

-1995 Honda Prelude front seats on original Civic seat frame
-oil cooler kit with front mount

This car is so beautiful in real life. I dont know the compression yet because of the GUDE head but will be doing the test to find out. After the swap of everything...including (Electrical, Whole Front End, interior, EVERYTHING!) I will be adding a turbo to fit its needs. The car was dyno'd at 131 whp and forgot the tq. sorry.
Here is a little clip from my phone camera of a walk around. I am taking pictures but unfortunately they are not digital. However...! The swap is almost completely done and will have those pics up for everyone to see in about 1 - 1 1/2 weeks.
BTW .... the car will be painted black! :) enjoy!

The clip of my cars :)

My stolen GSR recovered! :(

Oh another BTW.... everything in the Red car will be sold!... Seats, Dash Doors, everything!
Like I said... everything is getting swapped into the silver car! :twisted:

02-13-2009, 09:15 PM
well lets see some pics, and best of luck!