View Full Version : 95 E-EK3 Civic VTI Just purchased

07-29-2011, 12:28 AM
So I am in the military stationed in Okinawa Japan. I will be PCSing in 2012 and want to take my Civic with me and was wondering what people know about importing Civics to the States and how much it will cost. I know the military can do it, but they have very strict regulations.

I just purchased for $1500 a JDM 95 Civic E-EK3 VTI. It has the D15B with 3 Stage VTECH. I really like the car and would like to bring it with me. I know going to Europe its easy to bring, but I want to look into importing to the states as well.

The reason I got a deal on it is I know the guy, and Cars near military bases oversea sell really really cheap as people PCS and can't take the car with them and they can't leave with a car in their name.

Overall the condition of the Car is great body is really good and it runs great. Problem though is Corrosion due to being on Okinawa. Since I got it cheap I have no problem throwing money at it, as I want it to be my main car.