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08-21-2011, 05:36 PM
Hell my name is charlews I am fron conway arkansas and just picked up a 94 dx hatch about two days ago..The way I came about getting this hatch was I parted out my running gsr with many new parts and running because no one would buy it running...

So a friend of mine wanted to buy a prelude and another friend wanted his DA integra.. So I got the hatch, firend got his DA and the other friends went and got his prelude... Now to the funny part about this hatch, The friend who I got the hatch from ownes me 1k for the motor swap because this is the motor out of my teg..

The car has a 0BD1 B16a with a gsr tranny and stage 2 clutch. As for mods to it I am going to have to buy another header and intake because I sold my dc header and passwordjdm intake before he wanted to buy the swap...

As for right now I am looking to fix the problems with it. The rear brake lights need to be wired right, I need a front bumper, amber corner, smaller rims, carpet and rear interior (have back seat just not the rest of it), replace the brake light covers and put my gsr dash into the car....

Right now all i have done is removed the civic seats and put my cloth integra seats in..The car does have two different rims on it right now, but monday I will have the rear rims and a Ek big brake kit. After I get the rear rims I will be looking to trade them for some 15's. That comes a little later on tho.


So as you can see the white lude and da.. Over looking the ek hatch tho lol...

08-21-2011, 05:44 PM
Gonna need a lot of work, good luck!

08-21-2011, 06:13 PM
It's not as bad was the integra was..

Parts for the integra
skunk2 struts ( all 4 stock on the car were blown)
skunk2 lowering spring ( had no name ebay coilovers)
front/rear camber kit
lower ball joints
innovative motor mounts
passwordjdm rotors
brake pads for the rotors
passwordjdm intake
spark lug cover
oil change
tranny oil change
tie rods
ls mesh rims ( had 4 miss match steelies with bad tires)
integra front seats ( from eg front seats)
replaced steering wheel ( had a gay gt mini)
rear lca
Bushing kit
Replaced brake master and booster
replaced break lines
Had to replaced the ecu chipped p28 with b16 base map (had a p28 auto non chipped)

So I say this one is not that bad was the teg was.. I ended up making back what I put into the car 3200

I mean the car does not looking it's best right now, but I am sure for about 1500 I can make her look a lot better...

Also man you have one sexy car