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  1. ladagosta
    own numerous autos recently 2012 honda civic si ,, Hyundai accent 01 ,,Hyundai Santa Fe 04,, honda civic 03,,Hyundai tiburon 06
  2. ckcomt8296
    95 civic d16z6 idle @2000 - 3000 wont go below that, already replace, iacv, throttle body, map sensor.
  3. Thewhistlingfrog
    My daughter has a 1988 Shuttle 56i. Done way too many km's and worth bugger all. Trying to keep it on the road.
  4. Ep3po
    Ep3po jimmycrack
    Fuel breaks down oil and causes excessive engine wear.Change your oil and monitor oil level if it increases and is runny again you have a bigger problem.i would also change pcv valve and change valve cover gasket if you removed the valve cover.
  5. Ep3po
    Ep3po jimmycrack
    it is normal for some gas to get into the oil over start a cold engine it will run rich and any unburnt fuel can get past the piston rings being gas is thinner than oil.this is common in cold weather and lots of short trips where you don't let car get to operating temperature.
  6. XpL0d3r
    XpL0d3r lethal6
  7. Amandamoo22
    Looking for advice about wheels. I have a 2008 civic si currently with 215/45z r 17 tires. Can I go down to 16 inch rims?
  8. jimmycrack
    Oil is real runny, and valve cover reaks of gas? Right direction on where to start
  9. hector oyola
    hector oyola Ravendragonslair78
    hey rave question what are some good name parts for performance wise ,like tires, air intake,radiator,exhaust manifold,brakes and brake pads
    1. Ravendragonslair78
      YOKOHAMA AVID ENVIGOR (H- OR V-SPEED RATED) Tires, Injen or Pro Tuning Lab intake, Mishimoto or Skunk2 Radiator, Spec-D/Pro Tuning Lab/Skunk2 exhaust manifold, HKS or Yonaka Exhaust, Wilwood or Power Stop Evolution brakes.
      Jan 6, 2017
  10. hector oyola
    hector oyola
    looking for advice on fixing my 2000 honda civic ex performance and power wise.....
    1. HeX
      Research first, use our search function, then post clearly detailed threads in tge correct sections asking whatever you dont understand from your findings.
      Jan 8, 2017
  11. murfey
    murfey XpL0d3r
    2LEM1 from Honda-Tech?
  12. HockeyZombies
    Modding the R18 2015 with suspension mods this weekend. Happy Holidays you all.
  13. rajith pathiraja
    rajith pathiraja
    Having Bad Engine Miss :(
  14. daperez13
    daperez13 99SilverCX
    Do you still have the interior door panels?

    If so, do you have both, left and right?
  15. Projekt_2nr
    Apex everything.
  16. panici
    Check out my $500 EK Project.
  17. Pr0n1s
    Looking at a damaged quarter panel how fun
  18. CHILD
  19. Nomi
    What to do if can't find catalytic converter for k24a3
  20. 98 Honda Stick
    98 Honda Stick
    Anyone know how to open a jammed cup holder without breaking? The sunglasses in there are too big for the space. Now I can't open the lid.
    1. HeX
      This area is not for asking questions, which is why its called "profile updates". Create a thread in the correct section and add pictures.
      Oct 27, 2016