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Welcome to ClubCivic a Honda Civic Forum

Club Civic is an online Honda Civic forum and community for all Honda Civic enthusiasts. Whether you own a Honda Civic Si, Ex, Type R, Dx, Lx, Cx, Dx, Vx, or even a hybrid you will find valuable information and honda civic car parts on this site. Take a look around to view Honda Civic discussion; including a photo gallery, maintenance information, tech tips, as well as ways to get better performance from your Honda Civic. Visit the Members Ride's to view and rate other member’s Honda Civics. Click here to start viewing the Honda Civic Forums. Before you start posting on this site you will need to register. If you are already registered and not logged in, please login here.

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  1. bobby lee
    bobby lee
    Frustrated with this d16
  2. Steven Busby
    Steven Busby
    Just got another 95 sedan, hoping to learn a lot from this forum and its members, looking forward to what my civic will be, hey all!!!
  3. undrgrndkng
    there's a thousand youse there's only one of me...
  4. JdmB16aEm1
    Just got my first civic. Its a 2000 em1 with a 2nd gen jdm b16a swap
  5. redlineobsessor
  6. Marytech RodriPerformance
  7. sdanville
    i maintain 3 civics.
  8. MrJay
    On now to Help & Learn
  9. ChubbysEk
    ChubbysEk 3Z CIVIC
    Hey bud can you give me details on how you did your rear seats i bought some being told they would drop right in and now im kinda screwed if i cant get em to
    1. HeX
      This is what private messaging is for. Also, if you check his profile then you'd realize he hasnt visited the forum in over 4 years.
      Mar 11, 2017
  10. Steveo_Kenevo
    Motion is the lotion
  11. Wesley Nehring
    Wesley Nehring
    Creativeness leads to something great.
  12. Wesley Nehring
  13. rob calhoun
    rob calhoun
    Just living the dream.
  14. WhiteTiger
    New to Club Civic but I love the EP3 extremely under rated car
  15. IvanDBTeggy
    Need help an input on a N/a y7/y8 build. Just want some more pep don't need to rip the doors off the car lol
  16. Sillyvillain
    I'm a budding Civic enthusiast and look forward to learning what I got myself into buying a 98 Frankenstein beast.
  17. MACE
    Bulking to 180
  18. James odam
    James odam
    Dara port: Can find data port on 95 honda civic
  19. Jake 3193
    Jake 3193
    New plugs wires alternator and fuel pump. Car turns over with a battery booster but not with just the charged battery?
  20. ElMaq
    ElMaq Chickenhawk
    Hi! My name is Romulo, I have the same problem on my Civic (dry starts fine, wet delays more than 1 minute to prime fuel pump). I want to know if you solved your problem and what did you did to solve. best regards