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  1. Dbag_llc
    Whether I'm building, welding, or running around I'm still a dbag... ig: @Dbag_llc / @pittbull1214
  2. Mohd Amin
  3. Constance
    Hello, my daughter just gave me my Honda civic hatchback. I know it's been modified so I really don't know anything more about what I have.
  4. XpL0d3r
    XpL0d3r Gib
    This rule is in place for multiple reasons, really. 1 - to prevent scammer. 2 - to encourage activity within the forums and Civic community. Without this rule in place, users come here to sell parts and nothing else (as you are). That's what Craigslist is for.
  5. Gib
    He sold it to my now son-in-law, who then totaled it a year later. Kind of sad really. I had hundreds of hours in that thing.
  6. Gib
    We used the entire powertrain from the 96. Including all wiring harness', dash, steering column, and computer. It came out great.
  7. Gib
    We stripped EVERY bolt and part from the totaled 1996. Then gutted the 97 DX automatic and turned it into a manual trans.
  8. Gib
    It was a beater he found on Craigs list for $400. My other son had a 1996 LX manual trans. He wrecked (totalled)it close to home.
  9. Gib
    Ask me about my sons 1997 DX project. That should kill my 30 post requirement..
  10. Gib
    Actually, maybe I was wrong, they are showing up now under the postings tab. I guess I will continue to ramble...
  11. Gib
    It looks like all the crap I just posted Is under profile posts and not posting. So how does one "POST" anything?
  12. Gib
    My whole purpose for joining this site is to list my parts for you all, so help me get my 30 posts.. LOL!
  13. Gib
    Since I got a spanking from XpL0d3r, I will refrain from discussing the parts here.
  14. Gib
    I no longer own any Civics, but I have a large "parts pile" that I wuld love to see go to use rather than the scrap yard.
  15. Gib
    I have owned five Civics. two 1996's, a 1997, a 1998 and a 1999. They saw all my kids through high school, college and the military.
  16. Gib
    I guess if I ever want to list my parts on this site, I will have to babble about nothing on this site for a while to get my 30 posts
  17. HazelnutPi
    Add me on Discord: HazelnutPi#7724
  18. XpL0d3r
    XpL0d3r Gib
    0. Participation in the classified's section will now require CC membership for at least one month, and a total of 30 or more posts. This is to help deter undesirable sellers and scammers. Please do not attempt to sell parts in other sections of the forum, or via your user profile.
    1. Gib
      With all due respect, I don't have time to sit around and comment on a forum. I do need to sell some parts though and was hoping to get the ears of "Civic people". There is no scamming or undesirable motives here. Thirty posts would be ridiculous. I will never get there. The one month thing is acceptable though.
      Aug 30, 2017
    2. Gib
      I did not know you had a separate "classified section". I will give it a month, but I am pretty sure that the thirty post thing will not happen. Again, no time for that.
      Aug 30, 2017
  19. chuo sing hua
  20. blackdragonDX
    my civic is sputtering as im driving it and sometimes feels like it wants to stall out, then check engine light blinks & stays on
    1. boofoo