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Double EK Build Log 96-K20/97___

Discussion in '6th Generation Honda Civic (1996-2000)' started by EK_TJ, Feb 17, 2017.

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  1. EK_TJ

    EK_TJ New Member

    Feb 17, 2017
    Hey everyone. So let me just begin by saying this will be my first personal build. That being said... I've always dreamed of having an EK. They're just so damn sexy.

    Sooo... I was browsing CList a few weeks back and found a 97' EK for $1,350, talked him down to $1,100! A few days later... I found a 96' for $350, YES! $350!!! Last week I found a K20A3 totally intact minus tranny for $650!!! Call me the CList Genie. =P My friend is buying the 97' from me and we're going to do side by side builds =]

    A little about me: I live in Northern California, the real Nor Cal.. Humboldt. I drive a 32' International Flatbed Tow Truck, I work 80-100 hours a week and just had two twin boys with the love of my life Nov 30th - 16' - Zander and Zavier. (Pics to come!)

    So like I said earlier, this is literally my very first personal build ever. I've been into cars since since I rode in the back of my dads 67' Camaro staring out the back window listening to the rumble strapped into my car seat. Basically my whole life. I've just never had the time or the spare money to afford to do something I wanted, and I just couldn't pass up the deals, and I've got someone to do it with! Perfect timing all around to start up something I've always dreamed of.

    Project 1 - Plans:
    96' EK
    Full forged internals
    Turbo kit
    Air Lift
    Bride bucket seats
    5 Point harnesses
    Bolt in roll cage
    S2k Cluster
    12" Kicker Comp CVX x2 - 2500W Brutus AMP

    Project 2 - Plans:
    Coming soon
    Coming soon
    Coming soon
    Coming soon
    Coming soon
    Coming soon
    Coming soon

    Now this is obviously going to take some time. We're in the process of doing minor body work to get the body's in good enough shape to Vinyl wrap them. Picking up my K20 next week, starting disassembly of 96'

    Google Photo EK Build Album

    Stay tuned! Lots to come! Any input GREATLY appreciated as I am going to need TONNNNNNNNNS of help from all you Civic guru gods!!


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  2. 710times

    710times New Member

    Jan 25, 2017
    Imperial, CA
    where i live someone is selling a complete 99 coupe ex shell minus engine and tranny for 400. i really wanted to get that to have parts for my 2000 ex coupe. this one for 400 even had genuine fog lights which i want. i really wanna boost my y8 or do a ls swap. ill be looking forward to what your doing


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