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How can I make an official DIY?

Discussion in 'Engine Tech / Drivetrain DIY How-To's' started by Jay Jay, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay Administrator Staff Member Registered VIP Registered OG Premium 5+ Year Member 10+ Year Member

    Jan 1, 1970
    If you'd like to make an official DIY or convert a DIY you've done in the past into an official DIY, you can get started by taking a look at the FAQ's below.


    1. What is the purpose of a DIY?
    The purpose of a DIY (Do it Yourself) is to clearly demonstrate and document how to install a product/part or a particular process. Examples of a process would be changing the oil, waxing a car, etc.

    2. What's the difference between an official DIY and an unoffocial DIY?
    An official DIY conforms to the template below, and has been moderator approved. An official DIY will be well written, contain easy to follow steps, and have enough pictures so that the reader can visually follow along.

    3. Where are the official DIY articles located on the forum?
    The official DIY articles are subsections within each tech section. For example, if you'd like to find the official DIYs for Engine tech / Drivetrain, first navigate to that section and click the subsection entitled "Official ClubCivic Engine tech / Drivetrain DIY's".

    4 .What can I write a DIY article about?
    You can write a DIY article on anything you would like. If there is currently an official DIY on the topic that you would like to do yours on, once it is submitted the moderator staff will review the article to see if it is better than the previous article. The article may be accepted in its original form, or the user may be asked for more details, or to make other changes before being considered.

    5. How can I let the staff know that I want to write a DIY article?
    Unless you have specific questions, there's no need to let the staff know in advance. Just submit the article into the appropriate official DIY section and then PM a moderator letting them know where it is. It will not appear until it is approved by a moderator.

    6. What do I get out of writing a DIY article?
    Once the article has been accepted by the moderator staff, the user will receive ClubCivic stickers, a user badge under their name letting others know you contributed an official DIY, and of course the feeling that you were able to help others out.

    7. How do I write a DIY article?
    There is a template below (under the FAQs) that a user should follow. This template outlines basic questions on the install that one may have when performing the same task. A well written DIY article should include plenty of pictures and all steps should be documented.

    8. How do I submit a DIY article?
    Submit the article into the appropriate official DIY section and then PM a moderator letting them know where it is. It will not appear until it is approved by a moderator.

    9. What happens if my how-to DIY is not accepted?
    If the DIY is not accepted from the first submission, the user will be contacted by a member of the moderator staff. They will give the submitter things that need to be changed. The DIY article can then be resubmitted for approval for an official DIY.

    10. What criteria will the mods use to accept the article?
    Things that will be considered when deciding if the DIY article will be accepted as an official DIY are image quality, not skipping steps / clarity of steps, proper spelling/grammar, whether or not it's been done before, how well the article conformed to the template and, most importantly, how well somebody could follow the DIY in order to complete the described process themselves.

    11. What if I have more questions?
    If you have more questions that are not outlined here, please contact a member of the moderator staff through PM and they will get back to you with an answer to your question.

    A template is included below. All official DIY articles must conform to the template in order to be approved. An example of an official DIY that conforms to the template can be found here: http://www.clubcivic.com/board/showthread.php?t=154453

    DIY Template

    Title: DIY: What you are doing your write-up on

    Header: What you are doing your write-up on

    Applicable Years: 96-98 All, 99-00 Sedan, etc.

    Difficulty: Out of 5

    Estimated Time: 9,000 hours

    Required Parts

    -upper control arm

    Required Tools

    -Jack Stands
    -10mm ratchet
    -Philips screwdriver
    -plenty of beer


    Step1: Jack car up
    Insert picture here

    Step2: Take off wheel
    Insert picture here.

    Step 3: Drink Beer

    Step 4: Use big hammer to remove brake caliper.
    Picture of brake fluid all over the ground

    Step5: Clean up mess and get on ClubCivic and ask what I did wrong.

    Thoughts on install process, issues you ran into, review of the parts, etc.

    *If you have any questions, PM any moderator on the mod staff.

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