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K24 for sale

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale / Wanted' started by lagachette, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. lagachette

    lagachette New Member 5+ Year Member

    Jun 5, 2007
    Québec city
    Hi guys, I live in Québec city. Last year, this is my my third K24. This motor was a 2004 TSX. It was a crash test so when I buy it, This motor was new.

    Everybody know that the TSX head didn't flow as weel than the RSX Type S head. So I did a really good porting with Motrex on this TSX head. Motrex are serious guys in high performance motors. For this porting head, we use the Superflow SF-1020 flow-bench to check all the improvements that we did on the TSX head. The goal was to have around the same flow than the RSX-S have but with more velocity. The stock TSX head have 276cfm and the stock RSX-S have 297cfm.

    After the TSX porting head, we had 303cfm on it with runners more little than the RSX-S. It mean that hte velocity was better than the RSX-S head.

    On this head, I put Skunk2 stage 1 cams, Skunk2 high compression Valves, Skunk2 comp.spring valves and Skunk2 titanium retainers.

    Foor the block, I keep the TSX pistons stock, I put a lighter Comptech steel flyweel, a lighter aluminium crank pulley, a RSZ-S oil pump, a RSX-S oil coller, a 2006 Si intake and a ventury on the RSX-S throttle boby.

    Of corse I use a K Pro to control tis motor. On the dyno (Mustang Dyno) I did 230hp. It mean 260 0n a Dynapack. It coud be more than 230hp because the computer that we use for this test was stick at 7700 rpm and my exaust line was at 2.5 inches with catalyst on it.

    This motor is now for sale for $ 6000 Canadian dollars. On this motor the tranny is a 2003 RSX-S 6 speed. In this price, the K Pro is not included. The 2.5 inches exhaust line is available for extra box. This line was for a SI 2003 (SIR 2003 in Canada) and has been made in stanless steel.

    I sold this motor because I was cocerned about noise. I'm a sound engineer and my ears was not happy with this noise. This motor in in perfect shape. I took the compression just before removing it and all the cylinders was betwen 203 and 205 pounds. and with %2 leek down. That is a really good sine.

    I run this motor last summer (2006) only 5590km. Believe me this motor is perfect. If you want to buy this motor and you live in The province of Québec (Canada) I can do the swap with you or refer you to my Friend Martin Hamel and Alexandre Dupré from Montréal. They have a lot of expérience on this kind of swap and they are really good tu tune on the Dyno. Martin Hamel race with the same motor than me (I did his TSX head) and he had 270hp and 189pound of torque on a Dynapack last year with 91 octane gas...
  2. Silver Bullet

    Silver Bullet 6 spd = titis Registered VIP 5+ Year Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 6, 2002
    Allentown Pa
    ^^^means nothing with out pics
  3. teckjoel1320

    teckjoel1320 New Member 5+ Year Member

    May 3, 2007
    Dublin, OH and Baltimore MD
    grammar and pics
  4. that_sick_eg

    that_sick_eg New Member Registered VIP 5+ Year Member

    Dec 3, 2006
    sioux falls,sd
    pics would help

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