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Mizu Products

Mizu Parts

For more information on Mizu products you may visit the Mizu website.

We offer free shipping on all Honda Civic Mizu products to the lower 48 states. Products include Mizu radiator fans / shrouds, radiators and radiator hoses.

Don't see the product you are looking for? Contact us as we are always adding new products and manufacturers.

All Mizu Products:

Starting at $121.75 Shipped
Mizu Aluminum Fan Shroud
The Mizu Aluminum fan shroud kit is the perfect upgrade to your existing fan shroud and helps cool your engine when used in conjunction with your Mizu aluminum radiator. Made from the highest grade of...
Starting at $162.50 Shipped
Mizu Performance Aluminum Radiator
The Mizu performance aluminum radiator is the perfect upgrade to your stock radiator. Made from the highest grade of aluminum, all Mizu aluminum radiators are hand-welded and hand-made to create a perfect...
Starting at $81.00 Shipped
Mizu Silicone Hose Kits
Mizu Silicone hose kits are made by combining three layers of high grade silicone and heat-resistant embedded fibers eliminating the likelihood of cracking and tearing of your hose. Mizu Silicone hoses...
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