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Shocks / Struts

We offer free shipping on all Honda Civic shocks / struts to the lower 48 states. Popular shocks / strut products include Blox Racing, Eibach, Koni, KYB, Skunk2, Tokico and TruHart.

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$288.00 Shipped Sale on Blox Racing Sport Shocks (BXSS-00501) Combo on Blox Racing Sport Shocks Blox Racing Sport Shocks (BXSS-00501) Coupon Code
Blox Racing Sport Shocks
Fits: 1992-2000 Honda Civic, 1994-2001 Acura Integra,

Sport Shocks | 92-00 Civic; 94-01 Integra (Non Type-R)

BLOX Racing Street Series Sport Shocks are designed as high performance replacements for worn factory or aftermarket shocks.  The Street Series' twin-tube design ensures that sufficient stroke is...
Starting at $364.24 Shipped
Eibach Pro Damper Kit
Eibach developed Pro-Dampers specifically to complement the unique characteristics of Eibach Pro-Kit and Sportline springs, taking full advantage of the increased spring rate and lower center of gravity...
Starting at $626.80 Shipped
Koni FSD Shock Kit
FSD is the abbreviation of Frequency Selective Damping. It is the latest technology of Koni, specifically designed to combine the ultimate in comfort and road-holding. This no-compromise shock absorber...
Starting at $1,030.66 Shipped
Koni Race Series Shocks
The Koni Race Series dampers are designed as a bolt in application for those running either in high performance driving events, road racing or autocross. They are externally adjustable in rebound damping...
Starting at $413.60 Shipped
Koni Sport Series Yellow Shocks
The Koni Sport product line is one of our specialities. Koni serves Sporting Drivers with a carefully designed range of sport shock absorbers. Koni Sport Series Yellow Shocks focuses on exceptional road...
Starting at $238.40 Shipped Combo on Koni STR.T Orange Shocks
Koni STR.T Orange Shocks
The range of Koni STR.T Shocks are totally new and are individually tailored and engineered to give your car that Koni sports feel. Koni STR.T Orange Shocks give your car a feeling of improved handling...
Starting at $449.16 Shipped
KYB AGX Shocks
Purpose: Provides fast, easy, on-car damping rate changes. Allows drivers to tune performance to match driving preferences. Externally adjustable without lifting the vehicle or removing the tires...
Starting at $223.26 Shipped
KYB GR-2 / Excel-G Shocks
Purpose: Restores a vehicle’s originally designed handling and control. Calibrated to compensate for worn suspensions Components and valving are designed specifically for each application...
Starting at $303.99 Shipped Combo on Skunk2 Sport Shocks Skunk2 Sport Shocks () Coupon Code
Skunk2 Sport Shocks
Skunk2 Sport Shocks is our new line of high-performance factory replacement shocks that use many of the same technologies and manufacturing processes as some of our more advanced damper systems. The dual...
Starting at $376.93 Shipped
Tokico HP Series Shocks
TOKICO’s HP Series – the famous “Blue Shock” – continues to be the overwhelming choice of performance enthusiasts looking for the best in overall handling and ride quality...
Starting at $187.00 Shipped Combo on TruHart Sport Shocks TruHart Sport Shocks () Coupon Code
TruHart Sport Shocks
TruHart Sport Short Stroke Shocks. TruHart offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of their products. Includes 4 shocks. Must be used with lowering springs and not OEM springs. 
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