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Turbonetics Products

Turbonetics Parts

Boosting since 1978, Turbonetics and Spearco manufacture industrial and performance forced induction turbochargers, heat exchangers(intercoolers), boosting systems, wastegates, boost regulation controls, components and accessories.

For more information on Turbonetics products you may visit the Turbonetics website.

We offer free shipping on all Honda Civic Turbonetics products to the lower 48 states. Products include Turbonetics blow off valves, wastegates and turbos.

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All Turbonetics Products:

Starting at $199.99 Shipped
Turbonetics Duo-35 BOV
This exclusive blow-off valve features a dual cross tunnel discharge system with various discharge designs. You can use one or two GT-K inspired horns to vent the pressurized air directly to atmosphere...
$269.99 Shipped
Turbonetics Evolution Wastegate
Fits: Universal (May not fit all vehicles or require modification),
The new Turbonetics’ Evolution redefines performance for externally mounted boost control. Utilizing the latest technology in flow design and materials, the Evolution features an investment cast...
Starting at $1,399.99 Shipped
Turbonetics GT-K Series Turbochargers
Turbonetics GT-K Turbocharger Series has been designed for maximum performance utilizing the most advanced turbocharger engineering and components. This next generation of turbo units features special...
Starting at $1,799.00 Shipped
Turbonetics Super T-Series Turbochargers
Turbonetics new Super T-Series are for the highest performing street or race cars and those needing that extra effency edge. Ideal for high boost pressures 25+ and from 700-1000HP, these turbos provide...
Starting at $1,325.00 Shipped
Turbonetics T-Series Turbochargers
For the serious competitor only, TURBONETICS offers custom-matched and custom-built turbochargers designed to get you across the finish line first! Designated the T-Series, this turbo family incorporates...
Starting at $933.00 Shipped
Turbonetics T3 Series Turbochargers
The T3 Performance Series Turbocharger is ideal for small displacement engines with horsepower returns ranging from 150HP to 325HP. The T3 is available in any combination of compressor trim including...
Starting at $933.33 Shipped
Turbonetics T3/T4 Series Turbochargers
The T3/T4 Hybrid turbochargers consist of a T3 turbine section, (Stage I, Stage II, Stage III or the Stage V Trim) and a T4 compressor section (T04B trim or T04E trim). This combination offers the low...
Starting at $1,100.00 Shipped
Turbonetics T4 Series Turbochargers
The T04B and T04E series are the most versatile turbochargers available to the performance aftermarket. High compressor efficiency, strict quality standards, TURBONETICSÕ exclusive “blueprinted...
Starting at $2,934.17 Shipped
Turbonetics Thumper Series Turbochargers
Turbonetics is proud to present its latest series of performance turbochargers! The Thumper Series has been developed for dedicated high-horsepower applications that mandate the use of a single turbo...
Starting at $2,335.00 Shipped
Turbonetics Y2K Series Turbochargers
Y2K Series Turbochargers are a durable turbocharger capable of supporting up to 1,200 horsepower from a single turbocharger application. They work great in twin turbo 2,000 + horsepower applications....
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