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  • your the mod i will keep on posting my events as all the members from here are glad that i post something to keep them off the streets.

    next time pm me to correct a mistake, as i do when i mod Honda-tech / / b20vtec. just saying childish way of closing a thread and posting s**t to look funny.
    so posting events and giving free stuff on the radio to honda owners is bad. IF any member from here were to listen in they could of had a chance to get a free B-series Type-r Motor but thanks for closing the thread a member from h-tech called in 10 times for it.

    Contribute for posting e-town and Atco events we gotta pay?

    dude are you serious if that's the case

    import alliance / weksos / honda day / and any other local gathering or any meet a member post they should pay? does that make sense.
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