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    need some advice...

    i have a set of fat fives and i would like to know if it is worth the time and effort to strip the factory paint off of the rims and polish--or just leave them alone and just attempt to polish?? .. if stripping them is the best way to do should i go about it?? should i use some paint...
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    bent radiator support

    Got into an accident a while ago and replaced all the parts I needed for my 99 front end.. Only problem is I bent the radiator support in a bit on the passenger side..I bent the rad. Support back eenough just so I could throw the headlight and bumper on so I could get to work..the grill will not...
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    brake/clutch problem

    bled the clutch quite a few times with the help of a good friend, and now the car runs great..even better than before i think?? clutch seems to grab a little sooner than before this problem occured.. dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing, but ill take it..the brakes are still a bit low...
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    brake/clutch problem

    Both the clutch and the brakes are not working properly at all on my 5 speed 97 civic cx... When I turn the car on, I am unable to put the car into gear unless I pump the clutch a few times... The brales are doing the same thing which makes me think that possibly I need to bleed my brakes/...
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    problem with brakes.HELP

    whats up fellas..finally got my hatchy back on the road but i ran into another problem after replacing the brake pads.. for some reason the "BRAKE" light in my dash is on and obviously for a reason... i was driving it for the first time in months today after repairing it after an accident, and...
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    civic stuck in please

    whats up CC.. my hatchy has been sittin on blocks for a couple months after an accident.. anyways, yesterday i was putting it into gear with the car off and now it will not pop out of reverse...anyone ever heard of this happening before?? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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    2000 civic Si horn don't work

    check on ebay bro they got clocksprings for cheap.. still need to replace mine as well ( luckily my horn does work ) lol or hit up a junkyard for a clockspring.. dont know how hard they are to remove but jus throwin it out there.. goodluck
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    driverside wheel wont spin.. HELP

    whats up fellas.. got in a fender bender a couple months back and i had to replace the passenger side axle and a couple other parts ( pretty much all cosmetics ).. after replacing all of the damaged parts, i noticed that the driver side front wheel will not spin...wont even budge... ive been...
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    crashed my 97 hatch... need some help

    that was my initial idea but the support is not much money, so im pushing towards just buying a new one.. just need to make sure im not in for too much before i buy it.. thanks man
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    crashed my 97 hatch... need some help

    thanks man i appreciate the info... the only thing that is worrying me is that i got the car with a 2000 front will the weld spots still be able to spot out if its not the original radiator support
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    crashed my 97 hatch... need some help

    What's up cc.. I got into an accident and messed up my front end a lil bit.or so I thought it was jus bit... I've read up on google I know there are threads on this but I would like some answers first hand.. ..A couple of days ago I noticed that the radiator support was bent out of shape...
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    need help with foglight wiring..

    I did what you said in the link to the forum..I ran the one pin connector threw the firewall and sure enough there was 3 female plugs right on the fuse box above all the fuses. Plugged it into the first slot and bingo!!.. Foggies turn on when I press the button., I was so happy they dident stay...
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    need help with foglight wiring..

    Damn that was very helpful couldn't have broken it down easier...that makes perfect sense I'm going to rewire tonight to the female plug under the dash.. Ill post back up laterr let ya kno results.thanks a lot man
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    painting center console??

    Thanks for the feedback.. I painted an old center console first with e light layers of black primer. Then gave it about 3 light coats of black krylon fusion..let it dry real nice and finished it off with some krylon clear coat..looks pretty damn good .going to to my console tommoro.thanks again
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    need help with foglight wiring..

    i have a 97 CX.. but the front end is a 2000 conversion, therefore i ordered the 2000 civic did you hook them up exactly?? Uploaded with

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