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  • Hey i Was going to ask why the user "Shows" is banned, he is still trying to corispond with me on purchasing a part that i had for sale, and i was wondering if there was anything funny going on on the site as to cause him to get banned.
    I did but it still smells like pussy! :lol:

    I've been busy man... I went from selling sacks illegally to friends TO creating a fully legal medical service which helps patients with a variety of ways... All I have to say is I LOVE attorneys! $$$$$$
    hey you seem like you know alot about this site and all lol, but could you please help me a little? i need to know how to post things on here. cause i wanted to post pics of my ride but i can find anywhere to post my own thing. I only know how to comment on peoples posts lol.

    thanks, Nathan (nates97coupe)
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