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  1. Billy.

    Value of a clean 88 DX?

    Thanks, Baker for the pointers. I'm picking it up after work this Friday, and it will be dark so I'll be bringing a flashlight to do rust inspections :| Thanks, xploder for the warm welcome back. Feels strange being back on the forums lol. BUT, looking forward to digging through the plethora of...

  2. Billy.

    Value of a clean 88 DX?

    I'm about to pick up a '88 DX 5 speed the next town over. The guy is asking $1400. Mileage is mostly unknown after an engine replacement "a few years ago". Overall exterior condition is 8/10. Completely stock, wheels and all. He says it runs great, no "major issues", and only set it aside...
  3. Billy.

    selling 2000 Civic Si , Thoughts

    This will give you a general idea of potential value of an EM1 in good shape: $7.3k low $15k high
  4. Billy.

    nine's hacked hatch

    I will keep an eye on your progress. I had a street-reliable boosted ls/vtec for years so I'll try to throw some pointers your way if I get the opportunity. Good luck!
  5. Billy.

    will these wheels rub?

    8" wide wheel on 0 offset? I would probably think youre going to have some clearance issues..
  6. Billy.

    Steam Summer Sale 2014

    I still haven't decided on anything yet :what:
  7. Billy.

    Hello everyone, new to ClubCivic.

    Welcome! Mind me asking what you paid for it? Dealer or private?
  8. Billy.

    My new original MINT 96 midori hatch

    In for t!ts I mean pics!!!
  9. Billy.

    Steam Summer Sale 2014

    Hmmm, nothing listed on today's daily deals worth picking up. I'll tune back into the steam store tomorrow.
  10. Billy.



  11. Billy.

    Happy Birthday JohnS.

    Dam, we are all getting old around here
  12. Billy.

    Happy Birthday JohnS.

    My CC come-back is just in time for John's bday! :beer:
  13. Billy.

    Where to Buy tokico illumina and Sportsline?

    Uh oh..
  14. Billy.

    Twin V8 engine hotrod

    what the f**k
  15. Billy.

    World discussion and questions

    NASA just announced that the Voyager probe has exited the solar system... apparently a year ago. Still cool news though considering they are still communicating with it :shock:
  16. Billy.

    World discussion and questions
  17. Billy.

    World discussion and questions

  18. Billy.

    Hi I am new here...

    You bought a vdub and stopped in a civic forum to say "hi"? GTFO! :lol: jk jk Congrats on the GTI
  19. Billy.

    Post up your desktop Part 2 *56K warning*

    That jeep looks like you just sneaked up on it while it was grazing on some grass :lol:
  20. Billy.

    Post up your desktop Part 2 *56K warning*

    New monitor configuration.. 3x 1280x1024 rotated 90° = 3072x1280 @75Hz With bezel correction = 3322x1280 I turned off all the windows 7 aero effects and kept it old school win '98 style :cool: Here's what in-game screenshots looks like with bezel correction enabled: