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    If you have the money Id say go with the formula 5s, if not the arospeeds are tight as well. I have em in 17" gunmetal. Like em a lot.

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    how do u hide ur nitrous!?

    What???...just because you refuse them to search your vehicle doesn't give them probable cause. Why would there be a law stating they have to have probable cause to search your vehicle if anything you say let them. It makes no sense. If they see a gym bag, and you tell them they cant search your...
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    Headlight Problem!

    Man what a f**kin waste...Im not buyin them anymore. Im just gonna get me some black housing projectors. I had some chrome housing ones but didnt like em after a while and decided to just paint my stock ones black.
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    What do you guys think?

    Yup...that looks sexy as hell
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    Need cover to hide factory radio in storage tray area

    Yeh I just jammed my stock one in back there and kept the lil storage tray in. It took a lot of wiggling and jamming though.
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    Headlight Problem!

    Alright Ive got myself a lil drivers side headlight doesnt work unless I have the hi-beams on. I just got these silverstars about 4 months ago and this problem happened a few weeks ago. I checked the fuses and theres no problems. Anybody have any ideas to what else could be wrong...
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    license plate holes

    PHOTOSHOP!!??...well only for pics of ur car. Other than that I cant really think of anything.
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    (almost) drop in replacement for 6x9 rear speakers?

    My Pioneers dropped straight into my 96 EX, you shouldnt have any problems with fitment.
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    Which exhaust is better? Apexi or DC Sports?

    Another N1 owner here...considering the fact that I used N1 in my board name, i would say its a kick ass exhaust system. I really is the main focus of my car.
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    Possibly my best chop to date

    looks tight, but how do ya get in the damn thing...its got no doors haha

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    97 4door wih Si styling

    those arent real mugen...they are mugen "style"
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    I Got New Rims!

    funny thing is I just got the exact same rims on my car...itll look a lot better with a drop. Ill post pics soon
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    cd player will not play cds

    Some cd players just dont play burned CDs....all you can do is get a new CD player, one that will play burned CDs
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    S 15 Front end conversion???

    Yeh just make sure that if you get it done, also paint the damn thing. I dont think theres anything wrong with clean bodykits and conversions, but paint the damn things!
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    Sweet Military Vid!

    ha....good s**t
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    Powder coating my rims

    I think gloss black would be fresh
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    my sedan lowered *large pics*

    looks good, but your sig is makin me trip out
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    Front Lip Spoiler....

    The sides stick out too much...looks stupid
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    finally, my 99 EX Sedan!

    I think you should drop it and get some rims next.
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    My car on steelies....

    Ha nice Jake, your cars lookin like mine now...did u get any new rims yet. Im orderin my ADR cyphers on monday when i gets payed.