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  1. XpL0d3r

    1997 civic turbo help

    I guess, but you won't be farting around for very long if the turbo doesn't last. What did you tune it with?

  2. XpL0d3r

    Stock Honda Civic Ej9 ecu tuning?

    :welcome: Unfortunately you cannot tune the stock ECU because it's ODB2. You'd need a chipped ODB1 ECU, then you'll be able to tune it.
  3. XpL0d3r

    1997 civic turbo help

    Hope it lasts... I looked them up and found reviews of the turbos failing after very short periods of time.
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    XpL0d3r's RSX DC5 Type-S Thread

    I haven't thought that far ahead yet lol.
  5. XpL0d3r

    Aftermarket steering wheel?????

    That's an odd biggest fear to have, considering no airbag could mean a hard steering wheel in your face instead. I would not put an aftermarket wheel in your car if that's your only reason.
  6. XpL0d3r

    ODB2 Not Linking Post Crash

    Short Pin 4 (ylw/brwn) and Pin 9 (brwn) on the OBD plug and you'll get MIL, ABS, & airbag blink codes. long flashes = 10, short flashes = 1. Then use this list to see what it is:
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    Exhaust upgrade

    I'm a fan of my Invidia N1. I would recommend taking to YouTube and find some sound clips. If you just want a muffler instead of a whole exhaust, look into Vibrant.
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    What are you doing / did you do today / CHAT THREAD

    If it were a pothole I might have a case, but not something in the road. I hit a pothole on my motorcycle a few years back on the entrance ramp to the interstate... nearly lost it at 50mph. Popped a tire, cracked a wheel, bent the other, and bent both front forks. $900+ in damage. Jumped through...
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    Hi new

    IP shows Canada, confirmed ;) Just over the border (sorta) from us here in Rochester NY!
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    Hp question

    Sure, I don't see why not.

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    What are you doing / did you do today / CHAT THREAD

    Hit a giant piece of asphalt in the road last night. Thinking a plow hit the corner of a curb and pushed in into the road. Car in front of me went right over it. I didn't realize how large it was until... THUMP. Hit it so hard I bounced off my seat, and my radar detector flew off the window...
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    What are you doing / did you do today / CHAT THREAD

    Damn man, saw it on fb. 11 years is pretty crazy! Saw the truck too.. tint looks great! Hope your dad is alright and recovers quick. Also, hell yeah on a bike! :nod:
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    Member participation

    Exactly. I'm in a bunch of facebook car groups and they all suck. No good way to search, mostly bashing and bullshit, etc. If you drive a base model RSX you basically can't post in the RSX group without getting s**t on lol
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    94 Honda Civic DX Running Rich

    I've edited the title and post for clarity.
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    XpL0d3r's RSX DC5 Type-S Thread

    Almost 2 year update... One of my HID bulbs died yesterday. Hoping it's the bulb and not a ballast. Either way... padiddle. :lol: Hit some road debris at 80mph over the summer and it took my front lip clean off. f**ked up the wheel well plastics a bit but otherwise all good. Windshield wipers...
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    Sounds like the axle shaft isn't all the way. If you put the car into gear are you still able to push the car / roll it? If so, axle(s) aren't in all the way. Also make sure the replacement axle spindle is the same diameter of the ones you've replaced.
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    What are you doing / did you do today / CHAT THREAD

    Yeah f**k Linda! That b***h.
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    2019 Civic Type R For sales.

    Hey Williamsville is close to me! (Rochester). But unfortunately you cannot sell commercially here. You also posted in the wrong section. So I gotta close this thread. Sorry SALE...
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    What are you doing / did you do today / CHAT THREAD

    Check out his build thread too.. best one on the site IMO
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    Member participation

    Logged in within the last 24 hours I believe. There's like 5 active threads on RL... mostly just chatter and OT stuff. The occasional post about a build. The most popular thread is the one where everyone complains lol