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    Latest Topics vs. Unanswered Topics

    On the front page would it be possible to have the Latest Topics side bar listed above Unanswered Topics? I don't know about everyone else but when I log on the site I generally look at the Latest Topics first and tend to comment on those threads. The Unanswered Topics side bar (which I believe...

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    So who works a full-time job and a part-time job? I have a fairly decent full-time job but I'm trying to buy a house so a little extra income would be nice. I don't absolutely need the second job so I can afford to be a little picky, I just want something I'm not going to hate. Does anyone...
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    Testing out the new camera

    I bought a new camera about a week ago and decided to test it out. It's a Sony A-55, not technically an SLR but it's Sony's new equivalent, still an interchangeable lens camera. Originally I wasn't thrilled with the picture quality and was thinking about exchanging it for a Nikon D5100 but after...
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    Screw on Key Fob Stripped

    The screw in my key fob is stripped, it uses a #0 phillips head so it's super tiny. I tried using an even smaller flat head and a razor blade but no luck. Anyone have any ideas? Where the hell could I get a screw to replace it assuming I can get it out?
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    D16Y8 dizzy on D15B8

    I'm dropping a D15B8 into a 97 Civic and trying to determine the best way to wire the distributor. I have the stock OBD1 distributor on the motor and I also have a D16Y8 distributor on a spare head that I have laying around. As some of you may know the OBD1 distributor has 2 plugs and the OBD2a...
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    Skunk2 Alpha

    I'm sure that I'm not the only one who gets emails from Skunk2 but I got this today and thought I would share. I'd be willing to bet that this is all a marketing ploy to gather buzz, which of course I am falling right into, but I think this type of marketing is interesting so… discuss.
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    New Fit Sport Price?

    I'm looking at buying a 2010 Fit Sport with manual transmission. I've been shopping around and am finding out they are a little more expensive than I originally thought. Has anyone on here bought a Fit new, I'd like to find out what some other people have paid to see if I'm getting a good deal...
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    My engine is probably dead

    So I was driving from St. Louis to Chicago yesterday and my car broke down. I was pulling on the highway so I was accelerating to about 65-70 and my car wouldn't shift, it's an automatic. The car revved to 6k and stayed there for about 10 seconds then finally dropped down to 3k and started...
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    Car won't start after dizzy and wires changed

    So I changed the distributor cap, rotor and spark plug wires in my car today and now it won't start. I don't know what I could have possibly done wrong. I double checked the firing order and even reinstalled the old cap, rotor and wires one by one to see if I had a bad part. There has to be...
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    7th gen cd player

    So we bought my sister an 2001 LX sedan the other day and it just has a tape deck in it. I'm going to go pick up an OEM cd player tonight from craigslist. Does anyone know if the harnesses on the back are the same or will I need to wire it?

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    Windshield Washer Squirter Problem

    So yesterday I was driving and my windshield washer squirters wont stop squirting. Not like they are full blast but its like they just kinda sputter when you're driving and they squirt like the bottom 4 inches of the windshield. It's really annoying and I'm not sure what it could be, has anyone...
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    B18c Jdm Gsr?

    My buddy is looking into a motor on H-T listed as JDM GSR B18C. I know the B18C is the Type R motor and I looked on here at the specs page and it shows there is also a B18C Integra SiR. Is that what is being referred to as the JDM GSR? Also any input or feedback on the link posted would be...
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    Mini-Me Problem

    So had a mini-me swap and timing belt / water pump change done last week by a local shop. They are very reputable and build sick Honda's. I thought about doing it myself but I brought it to them because I don't have enough time to actually get it done myself. But anyways, they told me that there...
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    96-98 SOHC VTEC ECU Question

    Can anyone tell me for certain if all 96-98 D16Y8 ECU's are the same? I bought an ECU with the number 37820-P2P-A71 and that's what it was listed as but it is not working properly. I just want to gather the correct information so I can resolve the issue with the seller fairly.
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    Most Quiet Header (D-Series)

    I just got my car back from the shop with a fresh mini-me and APEXi WS2. I replaced my previous rotted GReddy system so my current setup is: DC Sports Ceramic 4-2-1 2-Piece Jackson Racing catalytic converter APEXi WS2 cat back exhaust It sounds much better than it did... but I think I have...
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    How much is this worth

    Hey guys, I have a quick question. I put up a WTB thread on Honda-Tech for parts for a mini-me swap and I got a response saying "I have a complete y8 head, intake mani, tb. The head has new retainers and valves/valvesprings. LMK what you're looking to spend." What do you guys think is a fair...
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    WTB: CD Player Harness EM1

    I picked up an EM1 CD player and I need the wiring harness that goes in to the back of it. If it's cut I'll probably take it but I'd much prefer uncut. PM me if you've got one, thanks. I think any 99-00 CD player one will work, maybe other years but I'd need to see a pic.
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    My Dad getting an Si?? wtf??

    That's right, my dad is starting a new job on Monday at a company that makes fasteners for Honda and Mitsubishi. He has been in desperate need of a new car for a while now, he has a '96 Bonneville that has seen better days. My dad has always been a domestic guy, but anyways, I knew he was...
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    FS: 96-00 CTR Cupholder

    For Sale: 96-00 CTR Cup Holder $45 shipped $35 picked up in Chicagoland small cigarette burn from previous owner (shown in 2nd picture) These are designed for right hand drive but will fit left hand drive fairly well. It could be modified to fit better but this one has not been messed...
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    Bait Car

    Anyone seen this show yet, its on tru tv aka court tv. It's basically cops planting cars in Cali and watching and catching people steal them, pretty interesting because so far every bait car I've seen has been a Honda.