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    Been gone for a while... Back with a different ride.

    It looks great. I'm actually in Elgin too.

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    Buying from Dealership vs By Owner

    Sounds like you did well! Mine is a 2010 Fit Sport, manual and it was $17,963 out the door at 0.9%. That was in 2010 though and MSRP goes up, taxes are different, etc.
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    Buying from Dealership vs By Owner

    I bought a 2010 Fit new from a dealer. I went to about 4 Honda dealerships and they after negotiating they all ended up being within about $500 of each other. The thing with a Fit is that since it is one of the less expensive cars and there aren't that many options, there's not as much markup...
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    Mileage you wouldn't touch in a used 6th Gen

    Well the timing belt is supposed to be changed at 90-100k meaning it should be changed again at 180-200k. That's one thing to consider when determining value because it can be an expensive job if you don't do it yourself.
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    Maritimers 99' sedan

    I think the Integra wheels you have on it look nicer than the Slipstreams will. I'd rock those and put the money somewhere else.
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    JDM B16A OBD2 Automatic Complete swap into a 2000 Honda Civic EX

    What car is the transmission out of?
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    Factory 1995 Civic EX V6?

    Looks like it says Accord on that page though.
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    Factory 1995 Civic EX V6?

    It's just a mistake.
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    Clean civic si spotted

    It looks okay but doesn't really stand out to me either. The stickers kind of kill it and I'm not a big fan of the wheels. The body looks clean though and I like the folding mirrors.
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    My EJ8; my slow build.

    Great looking wheels, nice choice.

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    What are you listening to right now? Part ???

    The Pixies - Caribou
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    OEM Si pictures?

    The gauge cluster is different and it uses amber bulbs in the climate control but other than that the dash is the same in all USDM models at least. What is different on your dash?
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    b18 or b20

    It depends on what you want. The simplest thing would be to drop in a GSR motor and call it a day. I like the idea of going B20 VTEC but you've gotta choose which head and transmission you're going to go with and also what ECU you're going to use to pass emissions, etc.
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    Aftermarket Intake

    The only noticeable difference is sound and looks.
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    How cool is this....

    Ha, I might do this to have something on my desk.
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    How to improve ride

    If you have bad shocks, new ones might feel better. Tires and seats won't really get you anywhere.
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    Evap leak at gas tank - can I use plastidip?

    Fix what's broken, don't just cover it up. And no, Plastidip wouldn't work.
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    new car?

    Definitely get a Toyota Previa.
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    What to do next?

    I'd focus more on handling and weight reduction than pure power if you want to stick with the SOHC. You could port your intake manifold and upgrade to a b-series throttle body for an easy upgrade that won't cost a lot though.