00 Hatch Build <3

Hello all, i've been lurking on the site for a while now figured i'd share my project. I picked this baby up back in February, 1000usd, 155k, y7, completely stock. i had just done a swap on a 95 coupe days before hand that through a freak chain of events is now a paper weight.

I'll be dropping a y8 in her, but unfortunately i drive for a living and havent had the time to take my only car off the road :( some day soon!!!!?

Future plans:
Carbon hatch (unsure about this, the glass replacement is not something I'm familiar with)
Tail lights, not sure which ones to get
Front and rear lips
Pair of nice recaro or sparco seats, red Ofc !!!
Paint matching the side skirts
Interior mods like arm rest and cup holder And DVD head unit
Gauges and tach

The day i got her, stock:

New cf hood came a week later:

New N1 exhaust with magnaflo cat, high flow ofc =)

Badgeless grill:

15" Rota GT3s going on, unfortunately they had to be painted... :(

New headlights and fogs going in, i know most of you guys arent a fan of the projectors, but i like em :P

Integra LS seats:

12" subs miss matched, and kenwood amp:

Interior shots:



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hahahaha, holy sh!t thats some serious sounds back there

i had the same subs and amp in my coupe and i could blow the trunk open if i turned it up slightly, learned that on the highway.. good times!!


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:lol: NIce!

Going mudding soon? Lol. Sorry, just looks like it.
i love my 4x4 :P some of the roads/drive ways i get myself on seriously make me feel like im off roading at times.. i have the coilovers waiting, and i def plan on dropping her, but im waiting for new lower profile tires, i had these with less than 1k miles on them when i got the rims, couldnt justify yet another set so soon :(
some slight updates while i wait for my lips and gauges to arrive, started to scrub down the engine bay in prep for the y8.

Day 0 what a neglected mess :(

Day 1 i dont have a high pressure water source, that i can find yet, just moved in to the apt a bit ago.. so, this is all elbow grease!!

Day 2 battery out and fuse box moved out of the way, scrubbing continues.

and a bonus, my main man test fitting a valve cover i had done for my blown z6 when i first bought this beast, turns out the vc for the z6 is slightly different for the y7... and the damn things refuses to run with it on haha... SADFACE!! vc is a mirror silver base, silver 'fleck', candy blue and then clear coat finish, most beautiful powder coating ive ever seen.
yeah im kinda bummed i cant use it, im going to have the same guy do another for the y8 and hopefully he can recapture the magic! heres a few better pics, one when we were getting the head ready, and the other when we finally dropped the z6 in the 95 coupe. rip :< the fuel rail and the 'water weenie' where also powdered with the same finish.

When i'm done cleaning the bay i'm planning on painting it, i'm still undecided if i'm going to keep it red or black it out, so i can accent the motor, it has a nice effect on other work ive done.. any input?
thanks brah, the ladies love the domo, i recommend everybody have him as a wing man! the lips came today, buuuuutttt its raining.. awesome.. hope to get em painted and on this weekend =)


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thanks brah, the ladies love the domo, i recommend everybody have him as a wing man!
Yeah, lol. I won a HUGE one a few months ago at Six Flags, always keep him in my car if I can...Tahdah! :P

EDIT: whoops, double post.my bad. lmao

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so the freak snow in october kind of crapped all over my lip plans.. hopefully the weather will hold out next weekend. going to try to finish cleaning the bay and start spraying it down this week before work. who knowzzz!!

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