02 Civic Si (UK) window regulator problem.


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Bought a new drivers door window motor/regulator assembly and it only goes down, won't go up. I am assuming I probably need a new switch, Or is there a relay somewhere? This is the third motor assembly I have bought for it, the first two where from Napa auto parts and didn't fit. That's when we found out it was a different animal because it is a UK built car (2 door hatchback). While trying to install the second one which didn't fit I had it hooked up and that one only went down also, but I heard a relay click from somewhere under the dash.

Now I ordered the assembly straight from a Honda dealer and just hooked it up, it only goes down again but I am not hearing a relay click from under the dash when I try to make it go up, anyone have an idea on how to troubleshoot this?