08 Civic Cat Replacement


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Hello All,
My check engine light came on on my 2008 Honda Civic ex 1.8. I had them run the code reader and they said it was the catalytic converter. I tried Cat clean the check engine light came back on so now I’m looking at just replacing the cat. All the surrounding stores have them for around $400, but online they are as low as $200 bucks they are direct fit. I don’t care if it fails later cause the car has 276k miles on it. My main concern is getting it to pass the emissions test in the state of Georgia so I can renew the tag. Have any of you guys used one of those cheap catalytic converters and had any problems with the check engine light coming back on?


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Problem with cheap is fitment. It may say it fits but it might actually not when it comes to putting it on. You’re better off going the 400 to ensure fitment


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Spend the money on a Walker brand cat, be done with it and not have to worry about it for awhile.