08 SI P1009, P2647. Stuck.


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Got a 2008 Honda Civic SI 113000 miles. Never had a problem with it and done regular maintenance to take care of it owed it about 2 years, daily driver about 50 miles a day only run premium in it. Went to get some food tonight and coming back I took off a little aggressively from a stop light. 3rd gear about 5500 RPMs my motor died off and was running really rough, check engine light came on, VSA light, Airbag light and ABS light all at the same time. I pulled off the road shut the car off tried to start it back up sounded a little bogged when turning over and when it finally fired it was very bogged down, once it was running it was a high but rough idle at about 1200 rpms i drove it the last mile home and parked it. Hooked the scanner up next morning and got p2647 and p1009. Changed the oil and dropped the oil pan no metal in it or the filter, fixed the problem for the first code and it went away. For the second one (p2647 Cam stuck in advanced position) (**EDIT**Code is p1009 not p2647 as previously stated) I have tried everything that I can think of, ECU reset, New CPS on both cams, VTC solenoid cleaned tested and then replaced (Due to 2 missing screens), VTEC solenoid replaced, VTC system Flushed and screen replaced( had a more than comfortable amount of metal flakes in it, VTC Filter.jpgPIC attached), OPS replaced (changes not in this particular order). Took the cover off, cams are not dinged dented scratched or scraped. No idea what it could be. After resetting the ECU the code went away but the performance of the car has not changed in the slightest, roughly 5500 RPMS max, no VTEC engagement, low power, Stalls or try's to when stopping for red lights/stop signs, high idle (1100-1200 rpms warm, 2k cold). I'm at a dead end here and cant afford to take it to a dealership, the quoted me 350$ just for a diag which is ridiculous. ANY suggestions or thoughts are more than welcomed here.