1991 Crx Si


This is a Project that i just started, going to be posting more pics as i get them. But here are some things ive done to the car as of now.

-Jdm D15b Vtec
-Skunk 2 suspension in the front havnt had time for the back =(
-Short shifter
-Walbro 155 fuel bump
-550 cc injectors With Aem fuel rail on the way
-Original Si tranny with Aluminum flywheel with a Stage 2 clutch
-Full Magnaflow exhaust
-Eagle rods
-Rage performance cam gears
- 4/2/1 Headers

Much more cant think of is right now but, any questions let me know or suggestions


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looks good, any videos of it in action?


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Looks real good!

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i got some videos of my sparking it up with flames and i just put some new ngk's and im spitting like a 2 foots flame lol. ill try and get my friend to edit the video.


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WHats your final goal with it?
looks really good IMO by the way


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why do you need 550 cc injectors on a pretty much stock single cam?
its going on boost by the end of decemeber and right now the motor is really high on the compression so fuel is pretty up there, im going to lower it and maybe go with the stock evo 8 injectors not sure right now but its rides with it still get really good mpg about 32-34, goals are diamond (black) rims nice camber, on boost and just be clean


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This is super clean. I like that color on a rex.


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things has to be running dumb rich on 550's


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dont let off the gas when you shift then, should help with that
Need to know if anyone have ideas with the rail >>.<< i got buckets with weird rails and they work but i want other seats any idea's on what fits or do i need to shop for rails


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