1992 Honda Civic EX/LX-Window switches, power lock switch all stopped working sudden


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Today all the window switches and the power door lock switch on my car all stopped working suddenly (with my windows down, of course :( )

The passenger's side window switch hadn't worked for some time, but everything else had (Driver's side switches for each window, driver's side switch for power door lock, both rear door window switches).

A few days ago, they switches on the driver's side panel stopped working for just a couple minutes, but they worked again and were fine since. Today when I got home, none of the switches on any door would work. I've looked at the 4,5,6,7,8, and 14 fuses and none look burnt or blown. I replaced the 14 fuse just in case and that didn't help either.

I'm having trouble finding suggestions on what could've caused the widespread sudden failure of everything, any tips or ideas? Any more information I can give to help?


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I just had an issue with my passenger window the other day. What I did was look in the driver side door jamb. You will see a rubber boot covering a connector to your door. This is where you harness connects do your door electronics and such. It is common for that connector to become corroded causing wires to come out. That is the reason my power window on my passenger was not working. The only things you can do is buying a new harness for your dash, buy a connector and try to hook the wires into it, or do what I did and cut/solder/heatshrink the wires together. It is easy if you can solder or know a buddy who can. All you do is take off your driver side front fender and your driver door panel and you should have total access. That is my advice.

Also, check your relays. They could have gone bad as well.

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