1994 Civic EX 1.6L no power at fuel pump


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Have a crank no start issue on a 94’ Civic EX. I have verified that the pump and the main relay work. I’m not recieving a ground on Pin 8 of the relay from the ECU to engage the pump. I verified circuit continuity from pin A7 of ECU to pin 8 of main relay. I verified that there is 12V on pin A25 and pin B1 of ECU and verified continuity to ground on pin A26 and pin B2 of the ECU. I also verified that I have 5V ref signal at pin 1 and 3 of the MAP sensor. I’m guessing it’s a bad ECU but was wondering if anyone on here has any other testing procedures I can go through to verify a bad ECU. And no unfortunately I have no access to a known good ECU to test with.
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No ground, hmmm. Double check your FI main relay and use the below steps.