1997 D16Y8 to 1995 D16Z6 engine swap

Discussion in 'Engine Tech / Drivetrain' started by jr69fastback, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. jr69fastback

    jr69fastback New Member

    Oct 6, 2011
    This is my first posting so let's see how this goes. Just got into tuners (look like fun), anyway, I have an issue with a recent project. :roll:

    I have a '97 Del Sol Si with a D16Y8 and auto tranny. The block is junk (threw a rod through the block). I have a '95 D16Z6 (Long block) that I completly rebuilt for another project that I am going to use.

    - Z6 is already installed
    - Reused; wire harness (original no splices (YET)), intake w/ thottle body, injectors, alternator, starter, tranny, and exhaust manifold w/ O2 sensor.
    As for the distributor: I gutted the distributor from the Z6 and installed the Y8 componets.

    I understand that the '95 Z6 is OBDI and the '97 Y8 is OBDII, that explains the lack of a crankshaft position sensor and another block sensor (back of engine) on the Z6.

    Obviously I am having trouble starting the car due to timing and computer non-compatability.
    What do I need to finish this project?
    -- Do I need a different ECU? If so, what about the wire harness connections?
    --Can the crankshaft position sensor be installed on the Z6 (without machining the block)?
  2. speedygonzales

    speedygonzales Royal Member ~ RonJ Registered VIP 5+ Year Member

    Jul 15, 2011
    San Antonio
    you need the ecu from an automatic z6 and you'll need a obdII to obdI jumper harness. put the z6 distributor back together and put that on the engine, and forget about the crankshaft position sensor, it wasn't ment for that engine so don't put it on


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