1st car 04 ex coupe opinions?

i have a 2004 civic ex coupe, 5spd, 1.7ltr vtec 4, d17a2.
i plan on putting in an injen cold air intake, and a apexi n1 exaust, soon.
also down the road i am either gunna try to tubo this with like a t32 or something or do an engine swap im not sure
any opinions will be apreciated or any ideas would be apreciated



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Pictures are pretty dark and it's hard to tell what your car looks like :P. Turbo kit would be a fantastic way to get some power out of that D-Series. Plan on building the motor at all?


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I would hold off on an engine swap if you are building for turbo... Unless you're building the swapped engine.... Either way the swap should go before the turbo IMO.....
my bad on the pics ill post some more after school. im not sure about engine work but im either gunna turbo my d17 or swap i was asking if it wopuld be better to save for a swap or turbo it now


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good pick up auto or stick?
NVM i seen its stick.

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