2000 civic dx manual transmission shifting rod locked...help?


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Today I finished replacing my sohc non-vtec engine which had spun a bearing. Previously I drove to the location where I replaced that engine...using all gears. After rehooking up the shifting (and stabiizing rods), I noticed the shifting rod didn't move forward or back at the transmission end, and after connecting it to the shifter. still couldn't move that rod....and shift. This tranny was fine before the engine change, and needless to say, it seems unbelievable to have my "new" engine running fine and my tranny "locked" . It worked fine before the change..super smooth as these 5 speeds are. I'm totally surpised and baffled and wonder if I'm just overlooking something. I've re-bled the clutch slave and the pedal is fine. Any one have ideas before I spring for a transmission? Car has 293, 000 miles..original tranny, I think.


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Sounds as if you may have installed the clutch disc backwards, but this would cause the pedal to be stiff.

As for the shifter being stuck, did you disassemble the transmission at all?