2000 Civic DX To EX Gauge Cluster Issue


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I have a 2000 Civic DX Hatchback (Manual) I got a EX gauge cluster and swapped it in. Seemed all fine and good. Lights worked, all the gauges worked fine. But I parked my car for the night and woke up for work, turned the car on and the rpm gauge just flicked to max out position. It didn't make the car rev up or anything like that. I gave it gas and it fixed it. But then after work I was driving home and while driving the rpm gauge maxed out again but fixed itself. It has only done it for a short time. Like a matter of a minute at most 2 times now.

Anyone know what could be causing this and a possible solution to fix it? Thanks for your help and info.


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I would pull the cluster out and pull it apart, on the back side there should be 4 screws that hold the gauge in the case, remove those and pull the gauge then clean the contact pins on the gauge. If this doesn't work it's either a bad gauge or a short in the wires somewhere causing it to jump when you hit a bump or something. A new rpm gauge from honda is like $20 if I remember right