2000 Civic Hatch; B18B1 swap


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Haven't been on here for a while, this is my most recent project I have picked up:

It's a 2000 Honda Civic Hatchback, DX "special", just over 231000 KM on the chassis.

-OBD1 B18B1 swap
-B18B1 hydro trans
-LSD Motorsports 6 puck clutch
-Custom dual bend short shifter (I cut about 1/2 - 3/4 inch off just about the pivot point, and welded it in just below the pivot point to extend the bottom part, it's the exact same throw as my buddies Skunk2 shifter)
-Skunk2 weighted shift knob
-Acura EL gauge cluster
-Double din, 96-98 cupholder conversion so the deck is down below
-Cheap vibrant intake
-Yonaka OBD2B - OBD1 jumper harness
-Lowered on H&R race springs

To come:
-Polish exterior, extract interior
-Install my real Skunk2 short shifter
-Paint my gross valve cover
-Install sidemarkers

Also trying to get a set of skunk2 coilovers off my buddy right now, so hopefully I'll have those in.
Also thinking about trying to find an EL center console/lower dash area.

Please excuse the grotesque tape on the cluster, and the dirty car.



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Good start. Any plans on a lip or anything exterior? Should do a little wire tucking too. It'd bring the bay out a bit.


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I am trying to pick up a front and rear lip right now actually. (Mugen style I believe). I'd prefer a type R style but we will see.

The firewall needs to be cleaned up really bad. With the battery and everything hanging out back there it looks sort of messy. Definately need a bay clean up


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nice dude how does she runs?

Really good, doesn't burn a drop of oil. Not fast by any means, but much more pick up than that stock Y7. The stock exhaust it's getting the crap kicked out of it by the bigger motor though haha, starting to sound bad.


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I also have a 92 Civic SI with a built and boosted Z6 turbo. The body on the EG is not that good unfortunately, lately I have been thinking about pulling that motor and putting it in the EK, and throwing the B18B into the EG and selling it.