2000 Civic Hatch DX with D15B Swap Auto

ok... As the title states... I have a 2000 Honda Civic DX Hatch with a D15B Motor and DX Auto Transmission.... Just purchased the car a few days ago.... First Start up and Drove around for 30 minutes and all of a sudden... Drive turned into neutral.... So I let the car sit on the side of the road for 10 minutes... turned it back on and started driving for another 15 Minutes until Drive turned into neutral again.... then I realized if I got up to speed and put it in neutral it'll last longer without Drive turning into neutral... What could be the problem? Letting the car sit and cool down and coming back out it drives fine until like stated 20-30 Minutes then all gears turn neutral.... Please Help... I'm a Noob..:(


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I think the reason why we don't know is because most of us drive manual. I suggest just taking it in to a shop and telling them you problem.
lol ahh ok I was wondering why no one was saying anything..... guess i'll convert to manual.. in a couple weeks....

No idea... I just know when I first get in it.. and drive for 25-30 Mins... all gears turn to neutral.... Friend of mine told me to flush the tranny and put in Honda ATF....
could the transmission solenoids that bolt on top of the transmission cause this? Because I just cleaned the motor and trans with degreaser... drove to autozone and notice it's leaking oil from under that solenoid...