2000 CIVIC SI Shift Bushing


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While in gear the stick is really sloppy back and forth(feels like neutral while in gear) i realise it is probably the shift bushing, so does any one have pictures or instructions on replacing them. Also could the linkage have any thing to do with it?



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If your linkage is loose, it may possibly cause this. But usually a sloppy shifter is due to worn bushings. Upgrading to polyurethane shifter bushings is a fantastic way to get rid of a sloppy shifter.

You can buy Energy Suspension polyurethane shifter bushings. You get two and they are very cheap, around $25 shipped. I believe you can buy them at summitracing. Buy the black ones, not the red ones.

One of them goes directly underneath the shifter. It's sort of a pain to change. You have to jack the car up and I highly recommend doing this when your car is cold because you have to fiddle around the exhaust. Some people get away without dropping the exhaust off the hangers but it's much easier if you lower the exhaust. The other bushings goes at the end of the linkage where it connects to the transmission.


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^^^ X2 and you can get them off the CC site for $20 shipped