2000 honda civic si info on performance options

recently bought my civic. It runs great has 84,000 miles on it. im in love. but i want more. i was looking around online and i see all kinds of stuff but i don't know what i should get, or the right way to go about it like chips and turbos ext. it has dc racing exhaust manifold back and cold air intake. also after market suspension kit adjustable so its lowered and stabilizer bars. as far as i can tell thats it. only really worked on military equipment so ill need help. dont know much about performance stuff


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Well put up some pics and all depends on what you want to do with it budget and driving wise.

i put up some pics in my profile i hope they help. I am trying to get as much power as i can without having to rebuild my engine. i have a decent amount of money but far from rich.

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