2002 Honda Civic lx 2 door

I recently purchased my vehicle, it has 52k on it, I have always liked the body style & would love to do some modifications to the automobile. I’m a subtle kind of guy and like things to look in proportion but like a nice ride, I have never owned a Honda and not sure of what & where to purchase any parts for my car, I would like to lower it minimal, about an inch and maybe go up just one size on the wheels to 15”, I like to hear my exhaust ,but not the neighborhood, nice sound but quiet. I see that I could get dual outlet exhaust but haven’t seen a rear panel with two cut outs in it, I would like to do some body mods but I want it to look factory, again subtle.The car is white in color, I would also like a little more horse power, maybe a computer chip, air intake etc,etc. I am Middle aged & don’t want to be 18 again, I just want to drive a cool little car, can anyone give me suggestions on where and what products to buy. I recently sold my 62 Chevy 2 to pay for my wedding & realized that I probably wouldn’t be able to purchase another hot rod again but then I found this car for $500.00 I couldn’t pass it up, I have always loved the SI in this body style, it’s to bad that they didn’t do it this year & the best part is that my wife loves the gas mileage,lol, if anyone can help me please contact me, Thanks, Dave.
I have spent a pretty penny at procivic.com cuz they sell great parts, but nothing good is cheap, so keep that in mind.


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The 7th gen Civic, is probably one of the worse Civic generations to pick to mod.
There is little to NO support for it, it has a one generation motor, meaning they only used this variant for this generation, which isn't anything to right home about to begin with, and the early years of this gen have to be the most boring.

Save your money, put some nice 15" wheels on it, maintain it, and enjoy the fuel economy.