2003 Honda ep3 need help on driver side lock issue


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Hi i bought a 2003 civic si and the driver side was broken into.. the only way to lock the driver side door is to lock it with the key. I cant push down on the lock or pull it up manually but i can on the passenger side. the switch wont work either i cant hear anything engage.. I recently got an alarm and keyless entry and the only way to get it to work is to fix the lock on the driver door.

I bought a new actuator and installed it and tried to lock it with the switch or manually and it still wouldnt work now im thinking its gotta be a relay somewhere? I checked the fuses and they are all good but i dont know where the relay would be located and if that would even be the problem..any ideas? Thanks im new to honda


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My 5th gen driver's door wouldn't lock unless the door was shut all the way or unless you pulled the handle while pushing the lock rod down. Are you sure it was able to lock by pushing it before the car was broken into? It is probably set up the same way as my 5th gen was and is to prevent accidental lock outs.


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I bought it after it was broken into but your awesome it does work when you pull the handle to lock it. Thanks man! that problem is solved but im still trying to figure out the switch and keyless entry issue.


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Classic honda trick, I remember when I was taught that lol, made life just a tad bit easier ;)