2004 Civic Ex 1.7 Manual 304,303,300 misfire codes


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hey guys my 2004 civic ex 1.7 sohc vtec 5 speed, threw some 8 codes (300-304 all cylinders misfiring) about 750 miles ago, I thought it was just because I ran on my gas light basically until the car started running out, which I saw online could sometimes make the engine cpu think the injectors are clogged which could throw misfire codes. So I reset my codes by disconnecting the battery. Lights obviously went off, I thought that was the end of it because it’s been roughly 750-800 miles since then. But today on my way to work the ccheck engine light came back on and sure enough they were misfire codes. But what’s strange is that before it said all cylinders were misfiring (p0300-p0304) but today when it came back on it’s throwing codes p0304(confirmed), p0303(pending), p0304(pending) and p0300(pending), I’m not getting the normal buck, rattle and shake, when a car is misfiring, which makes me believe it might be the spark plugs? But also when I let off the gas slowly it actually does buck a tiny bit, but only very very slightly and only for a quick quick second. So I’m really torn as to what the issue may be. I hope it’s not the pistons or the cylinders themselves but I really have no idea. If anyone on here has experience the same issue, same codes, same symptoms, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know what the problem was and how you went about resolving the issue! again it’s showing that the 3rd and 4th cylinder are misfiring with the p0300 (random misfire code) as well. P0304 came up two times (p0304Pending & p0304 confirmed) as well as P0303, P0300, & P0304 also all showing as Pending... I’m going to check the spark plugs when I get home from work. But if someone can give me some insight it was be extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help! *Pictures of the codes have been uploaded*