2004 Honda civic front door speaker upgrade


Speakers are generally attached to the door panel, not the door's metal frame.

Second, you will probably have to cut and re-crimp the new speakers terminals to the wires in the door. It's not hard to do at all.

Test-fit the speaker to the door panel, it should attach with 3 or 4 screws relatively easily. I've found that the speaker terminals are generally facing DOWN with a properly mounted speaker.

Good luck!


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Trial and error. Stick it in and see if it fits, if not, find some other way to mount it. For the power cord, just connect + to + and - to -. Be sure to not leave any openings.


looks like anything 4.5inches or less will fit in your door. when i replaced the speakers in my door the screw holes on the speakers didnt match the wholes in the door, so i just took a drill and made my own holes in the door. it was easy and didnt damage it at all. put a nuts on the ends of the screws and you'll be all set. what size are those speakers there?


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Did you check measurements on old speaker or size of the hole. If hole is to small what I did to mine was take a dremel to it to open it up some. If hole don't match up then thread you some new ones and I am hoping you know how to see which wire is hot.