2005 Civic EX Tire Wear

I have a 2005 Honda Civic EX Coupe, both my rear tires wear out fast I got new tires in June, by mid-July I noticed both rear tires were wore out. I went to a tire shop got an alignment done and rotated my tires (both front tires were rotated to rear, both in excellent condition). Then after about 3 weeks after the alignment my rear tires are wore out again, took it back got re-aligned and they told me everything is perfectly fine. I should mention I got New control arms on the rear but was told that was okay. I dont know what else to do went to 3 tire shops all said its okay, someone mentioned the struts, but im not 100% sure about it.


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Take the car to a real shop to have the rear suspension diagnosed.

Has the car been in a major accident?

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