2009 Civic Hybrid CAT

So my car has TWO CATs. I didn't know that hah. And now i need replace them. But i have been reading about people saying they just put a straight test pipe on their non hybrid cars if they live in areas where they don't test for emissions. I live in one of those areas. We burn our trash etc. I am wondering if i could do that for my hybrid. Or if there is more that needs to be done because its a hybrid. Any ideas? I know you guys are all really smart here. Would love some help saving 1000-1500 bucks. Thanks


Both cats can be purchased for about 400 total. The non hybrid cars have "performance" options and have available replacements for running with no cats. The cars will still either need a special o2 adapter that tricks it to think the cat is still there or to get tuned to run correctly after. Depending on which shop you go to could still end up giving you a failed inspection. Some places actually follow the rules and are required to do a visual inspection of the cat system. Mainly to make sure it hasn't been tampered with or removed completely. I'm not sure if there is anything available for the hybrid version but even having something done custom would be pricey. Your front cat is very oddly shaped and practically built into your manifold pipe. Your second cat can easily be replaced with a universal cat but that price vs how cheap it is on rockauto.com would end up at the same cost if not more.

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