2012-2015 Civic Hybrid Question: Are they reliable?


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I’m planning on buying a new car to replace my aging RX300. I wanted it to be a hybrid due to me wanting to save money on fuel. I really like the 3rd gen Civic Hybrid, it’s my favorite looking design out of the four I’ve picked (Prius 3rd gen, Prius c, Chevy Volt 1st gen).

My only problem is the reliability, or the lack of solid information about the reliability. While I know the battery on the second gen Civic Hybrid was, less than great, I’ve heard better things from the third gen. On the other hand, consumer reports says that it’s “not that great bub”, and not much else cause I’m not a subscriber.

So, I wanted to get some answers! Is it a reliable vehicle? Or should I begrudgingly put my eyes elsewhere. Thank you in advanced for the help! :D


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Very few, if anyone on here has hybrid as this isn't the crowd for it.