2015 LX Sedan: 16" or 17"?

Sacramento Ron

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I am blind and an enthusiast. My wife's Civic, on stock Firestone Affinity 195/65-15s, feels like a Sumo wrestler on a tricycle. I was wondering, where is the sweet spot?

I just bought some 2006 Acura TL wheels. 17x8, 45 offset. I plan to run 225/45/17 Riken Raptors. Honda says 215, but I fudged it a bit, hoping to stay within 3 or 4 percent of original wheel diameter. Thought 225 would take me from 96.75MM to 101.5MM of sidewall height. I chose the 8" width, to open up the tire and add volume. I don't like to have that light bulb profile on the cross-section.

Am I on the right track, or might this be too harsh and vulnerable for a daily driver? If I go with 16s, I'd want 7" rims, with 205 or 215s?

Please let me know your thoughts.


Sacramento Ron