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So I couldn't find anything pertaining to my specific problem in the forums. Here it is:

I recently installed a CB radio and ran a fresh 12V power supply directly from the batt, and utilized my accessory power supply from my cigarette lighter (cause I rarely use the plug).

What is occurring now is that when I turn off my ignition and take out the keys, my radio will stay on from between 3 seconds and up to 30 seconds or more. Before the install my radio shut down immediately when the keys were removed. I know that the recent install is affecting my accessories because I figured out that when I take out my keys and the radio is on, all I have to do is turn the power on to the cb radio and the entire system shuts down right away. My theory is that when I turn on the cb unit, it draws any residual power out of the accessories line which then shuts down the system as per normal. However, not only do I not want to have to do this everytime I exit the vehicle, I don't want to cause any faults in my electrical system.

So I'm looking for help. Not the kind of "help" of saying "just remove the cb" because I want my cb installed. I need it for highway driving. Instead I am looking for a few tips:

1) Can you explain the reason for why this power supply is continuing to run through the accessories position simply by means of an install which only utilizes the cigarette lighter as an "accessory power supply".

2) Can you suggest how I might be able to create a new accessories switch?
My idea for this is perhaps running a power supply from my batt into the dash area where I will install a switch which I can manually switch on and off to fool the cb into recognizing this as my accessories. Because in theory this is exactly what the accessories position on the ignition does. Pushing the switch is the equivalent of instering the keys.

3) Can anyone explain how a 12v illuminated switch works if I wanted to in fact make my own accessories switch. The switch I would mount will have 3 connectors in the back (Ground, 12V power, and accessories power). If my purpose is to make the switch the actual accessories line, what would I need to do about the third input (that being the accessories wire)?

I really hope I made enough sense to you guys to help me out. I'm new here, new to Civic's in general actually, and am looking forward to being helped and helping out in any way I can.