91 Civic Si Ignition Switch Wiring


I have a question for anyone who is familiar with the wiring in an ignition switch from a 91 si.

I am attempting to install a push button start, fully bypassing the ignition tumbler. No "put the key in first then press the button" as I've heard of people doing.

So, there are 7 main wires that go from the ignition switch to the main fuse box (or whatever the square box under the dash that most wires clip into is called). There are only 6 wires to splice on the push button immobilizer. The wires I am confused with are the Yellow (Ignition 2A) and Blue/White (Ignition 2B). There is only 1 "Key On.2" (Ignition 2) wire on the immobilizer. Splicing the three together didnt seem to work, so im not sure which would be the one to use or why there is even two.

I have attached the ignition switch wiring diagram and the immobilizer wiring diagram for reference.

Thanks in advance.


Nevermind, I figured it out.

If anyone needs help wiring up a push button give me a shout